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1. GCCI BWW “Excellence Awards 2017-18”

January 16,  2018


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Re: -     Applications for the GCCI BWW “Excellence Awards 2017-18”


As you know, as part of our commitment to felicitate, encourage, recognize, educate & guide, the Business Women Entrepreneurs, every year, for last 26 years, we have been presenting “Prestigious & Coveted” Awards to deserving women entrepreneurs in various categories. We now look forward to present these awards for the year 2017-18 and hereby invite entries for the same in various sub-categories described hereunder.


We invite you to submit either your own entry for the award or inform & motivate other women entrepreneurs to participate for the same. The last date for the submission of entries to “Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry” is 30th January, 2018. To substantiate their entries all participants may kindly attach certificates or details of previous awards or recognitions received by them. Please also note that each category will carry two awards and the detailed form for the same is available on the website of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry viz. Please also note that we shall be appointing eminent jury members to select most deserving entries for the awards which would add further credence to this recognition.


Various categories for GCCI “BWW Excellence Awards 2017-18” are as under: -


  1. Manufacturing Category: Women entrepreneurs who have their own “Manufacturing Unit” are eligible to apply in this category. They will need to provide details of products manufactured, export-import figures if any & any other special features of their products. More over if you are manufacturing a special kind of product, in that case, the focus would be more on production than on the sales figures.


  1. Trading Category: Women entrepreneurs who have been in the business of trading products may apply in this category. They should mention special features of product being traded as well as details of trading and various figures to support the same. In this category also achievements, accomplishments and features which are beyond financial gains will also be taken into consideration.





  1. Service Category: Women who have been rendering their services/expertise as professionals like doctors, advocates, principals, chartered accountants, architects or any such fields may apply in this category showing the excellence they have achieved through list of accomplishments as well as achievements in figures. They should also mention about their experience, other laurels they have earned as well as recognition received to substantial their award entry.


  1. Special Achievements: Women who have achieved special renown in any area may apply in this category. This category includes accomplishments/achievements in areas like sports, music, film industry, entertainment industry etc. or any such area.



  1. NGO Category: Any “Non-Government Organization OR activity” led by a woman, either working independently for the welfare & benefit of the masses & deprived, or as part of any company or organization, managing their CSR activity aimed for the welfare/benefit of the masses & deprived may apply in this category. The idea is to recognize those women who have been dedicating their energy, efforts & resources for the benefit of community & the have-nots.


  1. National Category: This category is for women entrepreneurs who have been operating outside Gujarat. Their unit may be in the field of manufacturing or trading or they may be rendering services as professional or running an NGO or an MSME unit. They must be operating for at least minimum 5 years. Rest of the criteria for manufacturing or trading or services/professional or NGO or MSME unit are applicable here.


For the above mentioned awards, no individual who is the member of “Business Women Working Committee” for the year 2017-18, shall be eligible to apply. Such application will not be taken into consideration.


Should you need any further clarification in this regard you may kindly contact Smt. Geeta Joshi at Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry.






Shibani Desai


Business Women Wing


Encl.:- The Application Form.

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