Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Membership Renewal

Table A : Annual turnover mentioned as below for Corporate Membership Renewal

Consolidated Total Revenue Annual Subscription Service-Tax Totla Amount
Not exceeding Rs.500 crores 10,000 1,500 11,500
Exceeding Rs.500 crores but not exceeding Rs.1000 crores 20,000 3,000 23,000
Exceeding Rs.1000 crores but not exceeding Rs.1500 crores 30,000 4,500 34,500
Exceeding Rs.1500 crores but not exceeding Rs.2000 crores 40,000 6,000 46,000
Exceeding Rs.2000 crores but not exceeding Rs.2500 crores 50,000 7,500 57,500
Exceeding Rs.2500 crores but not exceeding Rs.3000 crores 60,000 9,000 69,000
Exceeding Rs.3000 crores but not exceeding Rs.3500 crores 70,000 10,500 80,500
Exceeding Rs.3500 crores 80,000 12,000 92,000

Every Corporate Member shall be required to pay the annual subscription fees in advance i.e. between 01st November to 31st of March of the relevant previous year in the current year.

Ordinary Member

The Applicant has to attach the cheque for the applicable amount including service tax drawn in favour of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry.