Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Delegations to GCCI

GCCI has been actively promoting the object of increasing international business relations by hosting business meeting with visiting foreign delegations and sponsoring business delegations to all the corners of the globe. Apart from MOU signed by GCCI, it also invites various delegations from abroad which encourage bilateral trade and economic co-operation with each of the countries. The following Foreign Delegations have visited Gujarat chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry had organized an Interactive session with the Russian Delegation to Gujarat, India. The delegation was led by Mr. Aleksandr Beliaev, Director, Department of Foreign Relations, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tomsk Region. The Delegation revealed interest to discuss the bilateral trade related matters with the purpose to enhance the economy and trade cooperation between Gujarat, India, and Russia’s Tomsk Region. Delegates even endeavored to meet GCCI Members one to one and captured bilateral trade intelligence in the focus sectors such as: Chemicals, Electronics, PVC & Plastic & polymer composites manufacturers, and Glass Manufacturers,Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment Manufacturers & Sellers and Zicron Oxide Ceramics (for plastering purpose) manufacturers, Sewage Treatment, Artificial & Synthetic Fiber (Technical Textile and Textile machine manufacturers), Oil & Gas, Iron & Steel, and Medical Training Education and Industrial Health & Safety.