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Indirect Tax Committee 
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The Indirect Taxes such as service tax, customs and excise etc. are the major contributors to the state’s fiscal revenues, and impact a wider base of persons. Also the indirect taxes scenario is changing rapidly with new developments such as Goods and Service Tax (GST)being proposed to be implemented.

Looking at the increasing importance of indirect taxes and its rapidly changing scenario, the Indirect Tax Committee was set up with a purpose of getting the Information related to Taxes and how the new Policies and Procedures framed by the Government will affect the business houses and Industries. The Committee watches out the new policies applicable in the area of service tax, custom & excise etc., reviewing and analyzing its effects on trade and industry and recommending to Government the appropriate solutions. The Committee provides suitable assistance through the Indirect Tax help desk, and conducts seminars and workshops on regular basis.

The Indirect Tax Committee was last reconstituted in the month of July 2013, under the chairmanship of Shri Subhash V. Modi.

Office Bearer : Shri K. T. Patel
Chairman : Shri Subhash V. Modi
Co-Chairman : Shri Samir Shah
Officer : Shri Tanmay Mehta

The committee plans to invite CBEC member or chairman and organize an interactive session for discussion on legislative provisions and interpretations. It seeks to regularly interact with the Excise, Customs and Service Tax department for procedural improvements. It also proposes to submit a Pre-Budget Memorandum and Post Budget Memorandum with suggestions for incorporation in the Union and State budgets. The other programs proposed are organizing a seminar on implications of Indirect Taxes in Union Budget, Seminar jointly with Excise, Customs and Service tax Commissionerate for spreading awareness etc.