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Agriculture industry and its products have always formed a substantial portion of the Gujarat State Domestic Product. New Food Safety & Standards Regulations have been on the table of discussion since 2011. In lieu of this upcoming Act and importance of the industry, GCCI has constituted Food Safety and Essential Commodities Committee in August 2013. The purpose of this Committee is to serve as a focal point for consideration of food safety issues within the state, to represent the voice of the food industry to the Government, to ensure effective control systems and compliances related to food safety, and to promote resolutions that will better protect the health and welfare of the consuming public.

Office Bearer : Shri Vijay Shah
Chairman : Shri Hiren D. Gandhi
Co-Chairman : Shri Chetan Shah
Officer : Shri Tanmay Mehta

The committee would play a key role in making practicable and effective representations to the Government regarding the upcoming Act based on the needs and risks of consumers, farmers, food industry manufacturers and retailers. The committee would also make strong representations related to safety of various foods & essential commodities, labeling requirements, safe exposure limits and ensuring nutritional adequacy. Apart from this, the committee would also look to create consumer awareness regarding potential risks associated with food safety and nutrition. Open houses/ seminars would be conducted for creating a forum of discussion, resolving queries and brining awareness.