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GCCI Delegations
Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry has successfully sponsored various delegations to countries abroad, which have proved purposive and fruitful. Thus, the Chamber has been actively promoting the objective of furthering global business relations of India.
In recent years, the Chamber has sent many delegations, of which the important ones include:
Sr. No.   GCCI Delegations   Year
   GCCI BWW Delegation Visit to Delhi & Dehradun  
   GCCI Delegation visit to Saxony-Anhalt, Germany  
   Business Woman Wing Visit to UAE  
   Business Women Wing Delegation visited to Nairobi, Kenya  
   China and Hong Kong (Business Women Committee)  
   Dubai (Ladies Wing)  
   Australia and New Zealand  
   Sri Lanka (Ladies Wing)  
   China and Hong Kong  
The major objective of sending these business delegations around the globe is to spread knowledge and awareness about Gujarat’s trade and business opportunities and strengthen relationships with each of these countries so as to promote bilateral trade and economic cooperation. The delegations are lead by the President of the Chamber or the Chairman, and comprise of eminent delegates from industry, trade and professionals, who are experts in their respective spheres.