Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Interactive Meeting along with visit of GCCI ADRC Centre

Date : 09-02-2018 to 09-02-2018
Time : .
Venue : President Chamber, GCCI
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Description :

Test cases of Arbitration could be taken by Sr. Judges at GCCI ADRC centre.

Information was shared about cases received by GCCI ADRC centre. It was informed that total 14 cases have been received by centre.

The Seminar on Arbitration cold be arranged.

This is the first time Arbitration has been institutionalised in the state through GCCI ADRC still, Gujarat is lagging behind other states in the area of Arbitration.

Initially, procedural hurdles will be there and we will have to learn many things and change rules wherever required.

The committee members discussed that there is a huge scope for Arbitration as, there is a large pendency of cases, in the various courts, also, people are fed up with the high expenses incurred in legal procedures.

The members present discussed that we should immediately start mediation process for GCCI members.

It was also discussed that a system of centralised appointment of Arbitrators can be arranged for GCCI ADRC centre and prior consent should be taken from both parties wherever possible.

It was also discussed that district collectors have been made arbitrators in many cases, where Govt. is involved as a party. This creates an additional burden on them and many atimes, their neutrality in such cases is also challenged. Therefore, we should recommend that a neutral Arbitrator from panel of GCCI ADRC Arbitrator should be selected in such cases.