Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

GIDC-Municipal Corporation

The GIDCs of the state are the centers where industrial units are located, and hence they are the major drivers of growth. Similarly, municipal corporations serve as urban development hub for the cities. It is therefore critical that the issues of industries are brought to the notice of the GIDCs and Municipal Corporations through proper co-ordination, so that conducive long term growth plan can be formulated. The GIDC-Municipal Corporation Co-ordination Committee has been constituted at GCCI with this important objective in mind.

GIDC-Municipal Corporation Committee
Office Bearers : Shri Shailesh Patwari
Chairman : Shri Ajay Patel
Co-Chairman :

Shri Manoj Patel

Officers : Ms. Isha Shah

The Committee plans to represent and aggressively pursue the policy level issues to the concerned authorities of GIDC and Municipal Corporations. The Committee also plans to organize Lok Darbar (Open House) to discuss and resolve the matters related to GIDC and Municipal Corporations of GCCI members.