Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry


For the wheels of industry to move, a robust energy sector is a precondition. The industry cannot grow and prosper without steady supply of quality power at lowest possible tariff. Being a natural monopoly, the consumers in this sector require the protection of a strong, independent and fair regulatory authority to protect their interest. With the main objective of protecting the interests of the industry, the energy committee is reconstituted in the year 2016-17.

The main focus of this committee is to address problems related to electricity billing, refund, faulty meter readings, shifting of addresses etc. from the members; interacting with GERC for protection of consumer interests; interacting with state advisory board for necessary energy reforms and organizing seminars and conferences for generating public awareness on energy issues

Energy Committee
Office Bearers : Shri Jayendra Tanna
Chairman : Shri Yudhishthir Gohil
Co-Chairman : Shri Bhupendra Patel
Officers : Shri Tanmay Mehta


Energy Past Event