Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Mahajan Sankalan

Being the apex trade and commerce body of Gujarat, building up a good repo and strengthening the Mahajan system is an important objective of the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In Gujarat, the Mahajan tradition has been in existence since last many decades. The Mahajans play an active role in bringing about policy changes through united efforts. Therefore, co-ordination of these mahajans is very important.

To fulfill this objective, the MahajanSankalan Committee has been established at GCCI. The committee holds one to one meetings with associations for understanding the problems and needs of trade and industry and represent them to the concerned authorities. This helps in resolving the important and policy level issues of the members of respective associations and creates a bridge between GCCI and the associations. Dissemination of information and educating the members of respective Mahajans/Associations on important policy changes is another important focus area of the committee.

The Committee has been reconstituted thisyear under the Chairmanship of ShriKirit Shah. ShriShankerbhai Patel, President, GCCI is the office bearer in charge.

Mahajan Sankalan
Office Bearers : Shri Jayendra Tanna
Chairman : Shri Gaurang Bhagat
Co-Chairman : Shri Praful R Talsania
Officers : Shri Dharmendra Joshi